Border and Retaining Wall Experts in Northern Virginia

We build walls for purposes of aesthetics, as well as draining and retention. Retaining walls are a creative way to help solve various landscaping problems while beautifying your landscape. Dry stacked or mortared stone, brick, decorative concrete block, and pressure treated timber are our most popular selections.

Borders and Walls

We offer a variety of quality materials that serve to define beds and finish your yard:

Dry Stacked

A natural stone wall.


A long-lasting, traditional style of wall.

Decorative Paver Concrete Blocks

A solid retaining wall that solves erosion problems.

Pressure Treated Timber

A cost-effective wall that creates a level yard, usable space and enhances privacy.

Weiler's Lawn and Landscape, Inc. has been serving the Northern Virginia area since 1981. We offer many custom products and services to our customers. Our goal is to work with you to develop a plan that is appealing and adapts well with the existing landscape.

Will Weiler, Owner and President

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