Lawn Care and Maintenance Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Keep your property looking great all year around! Weiler’s Lawn & Landscape offers various landscaping and lawn maintenance contracts for residential and commercial customers located in Northern Virginia neighborhoods. These contract packages are designed to keep your property healthy and looking great all year. Additionally, they can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Package includes:

Grass Cutting


Line Trimming


About Our Lawn Maintenance Contracts

  • Lawn maintenance pricing depends on the difficulty of working the property and the size of the property by square foot.
  • Customers are attended to on the same day every week, weather permitting. To have your lawn skipped for the week, notify us 48 hours ahead of your cutting day.

Payment Options

  • Prepay for the whole season to receive 5% off your services. Yearly pricing is based on a total of 32 visits.
  • Auto-payments billed at the end of each month.

Benefits of Seasonal Maintenance

Maintenance contracts ensure that seasonal services will be automatically scheduled at the appropriate times throughout the year. Also, payments for contracts are made in equal monthly installments, so you never get hit with a year’s bill out of nowhere. Most importantly, your property will look beautiful year-round!

Below are the services we offer for annual maintenance contracts. In order to be eligible for an annual maintenance contract, at least 2 services must be selected. You may select which services you would like to have performed during the year from the list below. We can tailor a contract to your specific needs.

Spring, Summer and Fall Cleanup

  • General Cleanup of Turf
  • Edge All Mulched Beds
  • Trim & Prune Shrubs & Trees
  • Lay Double-Shredded Hardwood Mulch
  • Aeration and/or Seeding
  • Fertilize Lawn & Shrubs

Leaf Removal

We offer multiple leaf removal visits to keep your lawn looking it’s best.

  • Removal of Leaves In November (2-3 visits)
  • Removal of Leaves In December (2-3 visits)

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Service

  • Mow Yard, Trim & Edge Along Beds
  • Remove Debris from Walkways
  • Service Based on 32 Cuts Per Season

Yearly Gutter Service

  • Clean All Gutters During Spring
  • Clean All Gutters During Summer
  • Clean All Gutters During Fall

When I saw  your crew arrive at 4pm, I thought to  myself, ‘they will be here til after dark’ because the lawn, front and back was in such bad shape. Boy was I ever surprised when I heard them drive off at 7pm. We couldn’t be happier with your company’s work!

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